How lexii alijai died at the age of 21

Rising star of the song, rapper Lexii Alijai died on January 1 at the age of 21. Her cousin, artist Raeisah Clark, confirmed the sad news on her social media.

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Lexi alijai Death Details

2019 is over! And for most people, the transition to 2020 happened with the family. Whether it was Agathe Auproux, Jamel Debbouze and Melissa Theuriau or even Jean-Luc Reichmann, all of them gave us adorable shots surrounded by their parents, their children or even their brothers and sisters.

But for others, New Years Eve happened in pain. This is the case of the family of George Michael, who insisted helplessly on the disappearance of Melanie, the sister of the leader of Wham! Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston’s adopted son and the ex-boyfriend of his daughter Bobbi Kristina, died on January 1 at the age of 30.

Without counting on Micah Downey, star of reality TV, who died on December 28 at the age of 26. The latter leaves behind his ex-fiancée, Milly Johnson, who was pregnant with their second child.

But when we thought we had reached our quota of bad news, here is another disappearance that mourns a little more the fans of the people planet.

Raeisah Clark mourns death of cousin

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As Variety magazine reports, rapper Lexii Aliijai died on January 1, 2020 at just 21 years old. Little-known in France, she was a real star in the United States, where she sang on tubes by Drake and Kehlani.

Rising star of the song, she released her first album, Growing Pains, in September 2017. A brilliant journey that unfortunately stopped too soon, as confirmed by her cousin Raeisah Clark. “You are a true legend. Rest in paradise, we will never forget you.

I lose my words … My beautiful cousin with so much talent and a unique soul. It’s too early, ”she sadly wrote on her Facebook page. But difficult to know more yet. The circumstances and the cause of the young woman’s death have not yet been released. Only one thing is certain: a few hours before her disappearance, the singer was still active on her social networks …

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