Totally irresponsible: Kim Glow violently pinned down by a member of the government

Kim Glow’s outings about the coronavirus and vaccine crisis are not getting through to the government. On Wednesday February 24, the reality TV star was even violently tackled by a member of the government during a live on Twitch.

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Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in early 2020 and the various periods of confinement, there is a voice that makes Internet users laugh a lot: that of Kim Glow. The star of the reality TV revealed by Les Marseillais does not stop making completely hallucinating announcements on social networks. Last November, she made completely crazy remarks about the vaccine against Covid-19: “This virus was created to reduce the population on earth because there are too many of us. Wake up! We do not ‘ will have more freedom, we are all going to be “microchipped”, but not a dog or cat chip that we can remove, No.

Nanoparticles will be, ”she says in her Instagram story, inviting her subscribers to watch the highly criticized documentary Hold-up. Last month, she amused Internet users again by announcing “from a reliable source” a third confinement which will ultimately never happen, even obtaining the nickname “oracle” from dismayed Internet users. But Kim Glow has more than a million followers on Instagram, and his comments are obviously worrying in high places.

You have to quote her, it’s totally irresponsible

This Wednesday, February 24, Gabriel Attal gave a live interview on Twitch with several young influencers. The young government spokesperson wanted to dismantle the arguments of the conspirators who speak to young people, taking the example of … Kim Glow, of course. “There are people today who are circulating false information and conspiracy theories. Yes, I have heard the story of the 5G nano-chip that would be in the vaccine. There are people who are totally irresponsible who circulate this, in this case Kim Glow who had thrown it on her Snapchat. […] You have to quote her, it’s totally irresponsible. These people, they do that why? that to generate buzz, clicks, sometimes to earn money.

When we offer a vaccine to the French, it is because it has been validated by independent researchers and scientists “, says Gabriel Attal , particularly uplifted. When we know that his role is to carry the word of the President of the Republic to the French, we can therefore imagine that Emmanuel Macron is worried about Kim Glow’s speeches. 2021 is definitely not going to be a year like any other.

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