Agathe Auproux shares a Childhood snapshot too cute for Christmas

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For Agathe Auproux, Christmas Eve is an opportunity to unearth old photos from her childhood. And its subscribers are won over!

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One thing is certain: for Agathe Auproux, the year 2019 ends much better than it has started. Last March, after thinking about it for a long time, the young woman announced that she had cancer: “I have cancer. Lymphoma exactly.

I’ve been in chemotherapy since mid-December and for another three months, “she wrote in general frightened caption of a photo posted on her Instagram account. If she had initially preferred to hide her state of health, the one who then officiated in Balance Your Post had finally chosen to share this fight with her subscribers.

But since then, the young woman of 28 years has announced the happy news: she has managed to fight this cancer! A new life for Agathe Auproux who recently decided to leave C8 and Balance Ton Post to devote herself to other projects.

Agathe Auproux melts the Web

And it is on her favorite social network that the young woman shares her happiness of being healthy with her fans. On Instagram, between sexy shots with cynical legends and settling of scores, Agathe Auproux caused a sensation.

So inevitably, on this Wednesday, December 25, the occasion was far too great to post anything. To wish her subscribers a merry Christmas, Agathe Auproux shared a too cute snapshot of her childhood, showing her in the middle of unpacking gifts.

If the mood has not changed since then, the dress style is fortunately different! And as with every photo she posts on her Instagram account, Agathe Auproux has once again attracted the favors of her subscribers. A Christmas that makes everyone agree.

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