Viewers Denounce Amel Bent Behavior about weight

This is amel bent controversy

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Ah internet users! They are well known for letting nothing pass. They scrutinize the smallest gestures. This time, it was Amel Bent who went under their radar. Her appearance on the show Les Enfoirés was well noticed …

Amel Bent Controversy

Amel Bent, well known for never having her tongue in her pocket, recently came under criticism of her weight to which she obviously responded. This time, the singer made a name for herself during her visit, this Saturday, November 30, in the event broadcast broadcast on TF1: Les Enfoirés play the game.

Indeed, to celebrate the thirty years of the creation of Restos du Coeur , the channel offered certain celebrities to compete in all kinds of tests and quizzes. It seems that Amel Bent took this game a little too seriously according to the internet users who followed the program.

Social Media Reviews

As usual, they did not hesitate to say what they thought. It seems that the interpreter of My Philosophy even replied on Twitter but later deleted its publication.
A little too competitive?

On Twitter, internet users mainly called it “unbearable”.  They judged her behavior  and the theme of the show which wanted to be good-natured. Some people ask the question that Is she really Amel Bent?” or again: “Reassure me, do we agree that there Amel Bent is unbearable?”

Program Incident

Others are even more demanding with the singer and say that she “literally spoils the program tonight”. Another viewer was really indignant and let go: “Energy is important and you have it, but by monopolizing speech, by shouting regularly, the rendering in front of our TV is aggressive and annoying, a TV show for an audience, not a party with friends. The goal is to entertain the audience, not just have fun. ” Definitely, Amel Bent who had yet shared a cute snapshot for her daughter’s two years, did not go unnoticed .

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