Reality star Micah Patrick Downey dies at 26, ex-pregnant announces sad news

Micah Downey made himself known by appearing on the reality show Bride and Prejudice. Her ex-fiance, pregnant with their second child, announced that he died on December 28 at the age of 26.

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Micah Downey Career

It’s another television star who left far too early. After the suicide of Billy and Joe Smith, 32, the star twins of My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding, it is another tragic death that shakes the world of reality TV.

Micah Downey was known for his participation in the Australian show, Bride and Prejudice. The 26-year-old American had agreed that his love story with Milly Johnson would be filmed by the cameras of the program that follows couples whose romance is decried by their loved ones.

Complicated Love Story

Micah Downey had thus tried to be accepted by the mother of his fiance. The latter is currently pregnant with their second child. Their complicated love story ended last November with a painful breakup. The end of 2019 will have been fatal for the couple.

On Instagram, Milly Johnson revealed that the father of her children died suddenly on Saturday December 28. If the causes of death are not known, Micah Downey would have apparently died while in the United States

Micah Downey’s death: his ex-fiance is devastated

“It’s so sad and incredibly surreal that I’m doing this post,” Milly Johnson wrote in caption of a photo of her ex-fiancé. She continues: “On December 28, 2019, Micah Patrick Downey died”.

A very hard news to accept for the young mother who evokes a “very bad dream”: “I just hope that he is at peace wherever he is and that he will always be watching over his babies”. In a second post, Milly Johnson shared a series of photos where she poses with her ex.

The heartbreaking story has shocked Internet users, who are trying to appease the young woman in the comments of her two posts.

Micah Patrick Downey Passed away
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