Zooey Deschanel first Christmas with her new lover

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Recently separated from the father of her two children Jacob Pechenik, Zooey Deschanel was quick to bounce back. She’s in fact partnered up with Canadian reality TV actor and producer Jonathan Scott.

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Couple on Vacation

As the young couple prepares to spend their first vacation together, the 41-year-old has posted several photos of them on the Instagram platform. And the least we can say is that they seem happy.

She is the unforgettable Jessica Day of the New Girl series, the only girl in a flatshare of young men all more moron than the other. A comedic actress but also a singer at times, she is part of the duo She & Him with songwriter Matthew Stephen Ward. She has been married twice.

Actress History

A first time with the musician Benjamin Gibbard, a second time with the producer Jacob Pechenik. From this union will be born two children: a little girl, Elsie Otter in 2015 and a little boy, Charlie Wolf, in 2017. Unfortunately, the couple separated in September 2019 after five years of relationship.

But the jack-of-all-trades isn’t easy to take down. Hyperactive, she immediately got back on board with Canadian reality TV producer Jonathan Scott.
“A magical result”

Past and Memories

They met in August 2019 after filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke for The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden. It’s love at first sight and they’re quick to show off on social media. Sunday, December 22, it was Jonathan Scott who decided to publish some photos on Instagram with a particularly eloquent legend:

“When you surround yourself with incredible and creative people, the result is magic :)”. The first photo thus shows the young couple and their pastry avatars in the form of Christmas cookies, the second in the company of the famous magician David Copperfield, and the third presents a game of “Who is this?” Personalized with photos of the family in their forties. Enough to spend a nice holiday season!

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