Lady Gaga in love? kiss that says it all

The new year has started well for Lady Gaga. At midnight on Tuesday December 31, the singer was spotted languidly kissing a man. Spoiler: It’s not Bradley Cooper.

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Lady Gaga Love Story

It starts the year on a high note. Tuesday December 31, Lady Gaga was on stage in Las Vegas for her Jazz + Piano concert as part of her residency at the Park Theater. She then went to NoMad Restaurant, where she appeared in Brian Newman’s show, to sing Fly me to the moon, by Frank Sinatra.

She then did a (very) sexy dance to the musician’s wife, Angie Pontani. Then, at midnight, when she was no longer on stage, the singer was seen kissing a bearded brown man. A languorous kiss – not a friendly kiss to wish yourself a happy new year. No, it’s not Bradley Cooper.

According to the American site TMZ which reveals the information and which publishes a video of the kiss, his name would be Michael. But his identity is – as of yet – unknown. Lady Gaga then went hand in hand with this man.

Lady Gaga single since her breakup with Christian Carino

Last February, Lady Gaga had broken her engagement with Christian Carino. A separation due to the jealousy of the artistic agent. “He didn’t do well with Lady Gaga at the end of their relationship. He was jealous.

He was always trying to find out where she was and texting her way too many, ”a source (anonymous, of course) told Us Weekly magazine. In addition, Stefani Germanotta of his real name preferred to focus on his career.

“Their relationship did not work, there is nothing more to say. She is so focused on her career that she did not have time to realize what had happened between her and Christian, “said another source.

But many have imagined that the breakup of Lady Gaga had something to do with her complicity with Bradley Cooper. It was not. But Lady Gaga may have finally found her Good Romance… To be continued!

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