Julien Cohen gives a generous gift to a candidate

This Monday, August 24, Julien Cohen was very generous in Affaire Conclue! Touched by the testimony of a candidate who recently graduated from the baccalaureate, he decided to give her a nice gift.

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The Closed Deal auction room has many surprises in store. An object that breaks, a burst of laughter, prices that soar … difficult to predict what will happen. Before entering the candidates, they have only one objective: to sell their property to the highest bidder. A challenge that Soline, candidate for this Monday, August 24, has taken up hands down.

Not only did she leave with tickets in her pocket, but she also had the right to a very nice gift from one of the sellers! It all started when the young woman presented herself to Sophie Davant with a painting by Katia Pissarro, from the family of the famous painter Camille Pissarro. A work of value since the auctioneer estimated it at no less than 200 euros. But as the candidate explained, she had to part with it in order to be able to afford a computer, essential for her medical studies.
Alexandra Morel gives Soline a helping hand

As is customary, Soline explained the reason for her visit when she presented herself to the buyers. “I’m going to sell the board to buy a computer for my studies. Because since I’m dyslexic, it could really help me take notes,” she said to introduce herself. And the least we can say is that she did well to confide! Indeed, just after his speech, the collector Alexandra Morel informed him that Julien Cohen had several computers that he was trying to get rid of. “You want a computer? Ok, well you know what? Gift.

I have it in my office. We had to part with it because we bought new ones, so they’re great; I’m giving it to you. “, therefore naturally proposed the husband of Karine. But this does not mean that the candidate left empty-handed. In addition to the promise to receive a computer, she has indeed pocketed 150 euros for her painting by Katia Pissarro. This is called a successful passage!

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