Nabilla in panic for her first ride with her son Milann

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Nabilla discovers the joys of being a mom with its share of surprises! The young woman recounts her first big outing with her son Milann on social networks and it seems that it was not all easy.

Nabilla and her Son

The young mother is not at the end of her troubles and she saw it after the first outing with her little toddler. Nabilla can be super sexy in a trikini on Instagram but also reveal part of her recent life as a mom. Indeed, on Snapchat, the beautiful influencer detailed her journey with her son Milann – born October 11, 2019 – in a shopping center.

It was the couple’s first long walk with their child. Apparently, the little family outing was eventful and full of adventures that Nabilla and Thomas had not anticipated in the equation.

Experience and adventure

The young mother does not hesitate to talk about it and explains all the little pitfalls that had to be faced during this new experience. “You would have seen us with Thomas “

Nabilla, who was used to shopping with Thomas without a stroller or baby, explains everything that has changed in her daily life. The beautiful young woman found herself completely panicked to have to manage new situations: “Things that are usually simple, there, it takes us serious time”.


She highlights a very stressful and perilous situation for the couple: “I could no longer remove the brake from the stroller, so here I am on all fours trying to remove the brake from the stroller, the bag has to change which falls on me which spills on the ground so all the nipples that we could no longer give to our son, they were on the ground.

And as if by chance, he starts to shout, he wanted his nipple so I leave in a baby store to go buy him a pacifier. And meanwhile he kept shouting in Thomas’ arms. ” It only remains to wish a lot of courage to Nabilla who recently offered a magnificent Christmas tree to her little Milann and finally comes out like a chef!

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