Clara Morgane in a slit dress she lets her panties hang out

This is Clara morgane photo

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On Instagram, Clara Morgane shared a photo of her in a long red dress, like Santa Claus. A split dress that let her panties protrude

Clara Morgane Christmas Pictures

It’s Christmas before time! From the beginning of December, at the foot of the tree, a gift package was already waiting for Internet users. Clara Morgane had photographed herself under the decorated tree of the Majestic hotel in Paris, where she resides, in an outfit made of sequins and full of legs!

She had indeed donned an ultra-sexy sequined jumpsuit, revealing the birth of her buttocks. Enough to delight its (many) subscribers: “Already a gift under the tree”, “My Christmas gift is ready”, “I really want this Christmas gift”,

we could read in comments. This time, on the eve of Christmas Eve, it was in Santa Claus that Clara Morgane caused a sensation.

Clara Morgane lets her panties protrude under her split dress

Also on her Instagram account, Clara Morgane shared a photo of her taken behind the scenes of her show at the César Palace in Paris. She poses in a long slit red dress revealing her long leg … and her black panties.

A detail that has not escaped the attention of some Internet users, one of whom notably commented with a wink: “In red and black”.

The disappointed candidate of Dance with the starsa ​​she makes a reference to the coming parties: “Never be too tall to watch the sky on Christmas Eve. Maybe Santa Claus is coming. ”

And many Internet users wish to see Clara Morgane disembark for Christmas Eve: “I have cookies and milk”, “A Santa Claus like you I want”, “If Santa Claus is called Clara Morgane . I would ‘look forward’, can be read in comments. All They Want For Christmas Is Her!

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