Kylie Jenner unveils a wax statue of Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner made a pretty amazing discovery. She came face to face with the life-size wax statue of Kris Jenner, her mother. Kim Kardashian’s little sister did not hide her reaction to the realism of this impressive work!

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Kylie Jenner Reaction to Kris Jenner Statue

It seems that everything is going well for the approach of the holidays for the Kardashian family. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have decided to make a truce to offer a beautiful Christmas to Stormi, their daughter.

It is not always joy in the clan but the life of the most popular sisters of Instagram always fascinates as much. The queen of social networks and the undeniable entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is always very proud of her family and loves to highlight the prowess of her sisters or her mother when they are obviously not cold.

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This time, the beautiful Kylie shared in her Instagram story a video of her mother sitting on a chair … The video may seem trivial but in reality, there is a significant detail hidden!
“It really scares me!”

Kylie Jenner was able to discover her mother installed on a chair, the look a little vague and not very reassuring. It is actually his wax statue. She had fun filming the smallest details of this very realistic work by commenting this: “It’s so real! It’s my mother.

Her hands especially, it’s so strange! I admit it’s weird but I’m going to put one in my house “before asking Stormi if she recognizes her grandmother well. It is not easy to impress the young woman but this time, the artists have obviously done a remarkable work on this statue.

The beautiful Kylie Jenner who likes to display her dream figure and often in a swimsuit is now well watched by her mother, who will always have an eye on her.

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