Reese Witherspoon SnapShot With Daughter Viral

As Christmas approaches, Reese Witherspoon has shocked her subscribers by sharing an adorable snapshot taken alongside Ava, her eldest. A publication that made a multitude of stars crack.

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Reese Witherspoon has no shortage of tricks to delight its 20.7 million Instagram followers. Last October, while her girlfriend Jennifer Aniston had inadvertently broken the social network.

The actress added a layer with a hilarious publication. The two stars of The Morning Show, who played the Green sisters in the Friends series, have replayed a cult scene from the sitcom. Obviously, nothing more was needed to make Internet users happy.

On Monday, December 23, the Oscar-winning actress for Walk the Line made a new gift to her fans as it approached Christmas Eve. The 43-year-old actress posed alongside her elder Ava, born in 1999 from her relationship with Ryan Phillippe.

Internet users are unanimous: the 20-year-old young woman is the spitting image of her mother.” I fainted “

Reese Witherspoon received a legion of Hollywood compliments for this adorable publication. “Binoculars,” wrote comedian Ali Wong. Note confirmed by Zoe, who rave about “[his] beautiful binoculars”. “Aawwwwww,” simply said admiring Charlize Theron.

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