Nicole Kidman shares a touching snapshot of her daughter’s birthday

This is photo of nicole kidman

The renowned actress celebrated her daughter Faith’s birthday on Saturday December 28. For this very special occasion, Nicole Kidman decided to make a cute little wink on her Instagram account by sharing an original photo.

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History of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is first known for her legendary roles in cinema, her performances in the films Prête à tout or Moulin Rouge made an impression. The beautiful actress did not go unnoticed by marrying actor Tom Cruise who does not miss one to speak about their two children they had adopted together: Connor and Isabella.

Nicole Kidman is said to no longer have much contact with them and would not have attended the marriage of her son Connor. The couple who had shared 11 years of common life between 1990 and 2001 no longer have much in common.

Journey and Marriage

Obviously, life continues on the side of the actress who has moved on to something else with the singer Keith Urban whom she married in 2006. They had two daughters together Sunday-Rose and Faith.

This Saturday, December 28, 2019, they celebrated the birthday of the youngest and the happy mother marked the occasion with a photo full of tenderness.

A beautiful mother-daughter portrait

Nicole Kidman has therefore chosen to share on Instagram two photos, including one of her daughter when she was still a baby. A beautiful sepia portrait where the beautiful actress hugs Faith and a second photo with the pretty birthday cake personalized for the occasion on which it is possible to read “Happy ninth birthday Faith”.

The actress also wrote a touching message: “Our little girl is now nine years old! We love you very much our dear daughter, happy birthday Faith!”. Nicole Kidman – who had not hesitated to transform herself for her role in the film Destroyer – shows her involvement and all her love for her family in a photo.

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