Miss France 2020: Lou Ruat, Miss Provence, says more about backstage tensions

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This 90th edition of the Miss France competition was not a long, peaceful journey. Like many of her competitors, Lou Ruat, Miss Provence, confirmed that there had been tension behind the scenes.

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She is one of the big disappointed in the Miss France competition. On December 14, Lou Ruat, Miss Provence, had to bow in the final against Clémence Botino. The public has indeed preferred the beautiful coming of Guadeloupe to become the new ambassador of the country.

A heartbreak for the 19 year old blonde, who nevertheless prefers to keep only the positive of this adventure. “You shouldn’t be hypocritical, I was disappointed, especially since I played at home and the Marseille public carried me. But it’s already great to have come this far, ”she says in the columns of Public.

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It must be said that, as she willingly confided on her Instagram page, she still spent “an unforgettable month”. Even if, she recognizes it herself, there were some tensions behind the scenes.
The Misses evoke tensions in the group

Even before the election was broadcast, Sylvie Tellier had revealed that a bad atmosphere had reigned over the Miss’ preparation trip. Without revealing names, she told the Parisian that she was forced to intervene several times. “It was mainly bad camaraderie with attempts to destabilize, small cowards.

When it’s tense in a group, girls who are a little fragile automatically take it to heart, “revealed Oscar’s mom, Margaux and Romeo. Since then, several candidates have confirmed this version of the facts, including Clémence Botino, our new Miss France, but also Morgane Lebon, the representative of Reunion Island. But on Friday December 20, it’s Lou Ruat’s turn to make some revelations …

Question Answer Session

Questioned by Public magazine, Miss Provence acknowledged that there had indeed been some clashes on the sidelines of the competition. However, she wants to qualify the words of her comrades: certainly, some competitors have not shown a very good spirit. But this is far from being the case for everyone.

“All my competitors were not plagues  Living with twenty-nine girls that we did not choose, it is not always obvious. Affinities were created, but there was no confrontation ”, wanted to clarify the first runner-up by Clémence Botino. It remains to be seen who the candidates concerned are, a secret that the regional misses seem determined to keep.

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