Kristen Stewart broke her two thumbs on set of Charlie’s Angels

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Charlie’s Angels, a reboot of Funny Ladies, hits theaters this Wednesday, December 25. Details on NewsReviews For this film to be a success, Kristen Stewart broke her two thumbs on set of Charlie’s Angels.

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Kristen Stewart incident

Being a movie star means knowing how to take risks. Regularly, the shooting of certain films can become dangerous, and the actors must be aware that they sometimes put themselves in danger.

Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio said that he was very hot during the filming of the last film by Quentin Tarantino, without being seriously injured however. But sometimes the end is more cruel: last July, a stuntman died on the set of the Titans series.

Despite the dangers, stunts are still part of the daily lives of actresses. This has been the case for Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska, the stars of Charlie’s Angels, a film screened in theaters since Wednesday, December 25.

Caution is not enough

In such a film, the three actresses had to agree to put themselves in perilous situations. Questioned by Allociné, these “funny ladies” revealed some filming secrets. And if Ella Balinska seemed the most excited at the idea of ​​doing stunts, it was Kristen Stewart who had the most difficulty experiencing certain scenes.

The interpreter of Bella in Twilight said that during filming, she broke her two thumbs. However, Kristen Stewart is not one to take reckless risks, according to her sidekick Naomi Scott: “Given Kristen’s experience, when it was her to do the stunts, she went all out.

But she also knew when it was not a good idea, maybe because she had experienced it before. ” Despite this caution, the actress was still “very hurt” on the set, and therefore left her thumbs. Was it worth the effort? Answer in dark rooms.

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