Nabilla attacked: these serious charges weighing on her scandal with Thomas

Settled recently in Dubai, life is no longer a long, peaceful river for Nabilla and Thomas. The parents of little Milann have found themselves for several days at the heart of a real neighbor’s war.

Start of War

It’s an endless war raging on social media. A few days ago, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara announced to their very large fans that they would welcome a new member into their family. No, Milann will not immediately have a little brother or a little sister.

since it was in fact a huge gorilla-shaped sculpture signed Richard Orlinski. Named “Vergara Kong”, the statue made a very noticed arrival in their home in Dubai and even sparked a quarrel with their neighbors: the JLC Family. The same day, Laurent indeed published on the Web a photo of an identical model. “Watch out for counterfeits”, had commented with humor the ex-star of the Angels of reality TV.

Social Networks Clash

A scathing remark that did not please the parents of Chelsea and Cayden at all. Stung to the heart, they did not hesitate to take out a few files to embarrass their old friends. Formerly close to Thomas Vergara, Laurent posted on Snapchat and Instagram old conversations in which he violently attacked Tarek, Nabilla’s little brother.

“He’s the worst guy I have seen in my life” , “He **** everyone, all the time”, “For life I will not address him a word”, could we read in the messages revealed. If Milann’s dad preferred not to react to this low blow, Jazz chose to drop a new bomb.
Jazz announces Nabilla cheated on Thomas

Family issues

After insinuating that his incredible house in Dubai did not belong to him, the ex-candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts revealed a heavy secret about Nabilla. “Certainly, since a member of the JLC Family had an adventure with her in Miami, she has been following our snaps closely! She said, saying that adorable Milann’s mom would have cheated on her husband Thomas.

According to Jazz, the 27-year-old young woman had an affair a few months ago with a certain Hicham, nicknamed “Double H” and is still in contact with him today. “You’ve been sending nudes to them since then,” added Laurent’s wife. For Nabilla who was looking above all for tranquility in Dubai, it is a failure!

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