Belle Delphine sent a very strange box to a famous YouTuber

Controversial Instagram star and cosplayer Belle Delphine went viral after selling jars of her own bathwater in early July, before selling a full tub of the product for $ 10,000. She even sent a personalized gift to a famous YouTuber.

Ethan Klein, a member of the H3H3 duo, received a direct message from Delphine on July 2, after suggesting that she sell jars full of her farts.

While Delphine did not disclose any particular information, she asked for Klein’s address, stating that she wished to send him a “mystery package” in light of his comments.

Klein received the package later this month and opened it during an episode of her H3H3 podcast, carefully wrapped and decorated by Delphine herself.

However, what Klein received was not a fart in a jar – rather, it was a jar of Delphine’s spit, which she proved by recording a video of herself spitting into it, by placing the video in a USB stick that had been glued inside the packaging specially designed for Klein.

Klein seemed both stunned and shocked by the strange video, noting that Delphine had put “a lot of spit” in the pot.

“So she’s just drooling in a cup,” Klein said of the video. “Lots of drool. … Oh my god, that’s impossible! Did she drool a lot?”

This is not the only gift Klein received. The YouTuber also received a made-to-measure cap on which was written: “I have Belle Delphine’s saliva”.

Delphine has yet to comment publicly on Klein’s gifts when this article is published.

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