belle delphine sent a very strange box to a famous youtuber

Delphine, who describes herself as a “gamer also a tax payer” in her new song, also touched on many of her criticisms and controversies about her headline-making trolls over the years.

They include her claim last year that she had been arrested after vandalising the car of an alleged hamster thief and a prank in which she trolled fans into believing she would be sharing NSFW content on Bad website. (She instead shared videos of herself eating pictures of famous internet stars such as Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg and playing with her cat.)

For more on who Belle Delphine and why people are obsessed with her return, read on:

Belle Delphine is a famous Internet personality, who works as an adult model, gaming streamer and influencer online. While initially she had a booming Instagram platform, both it and her backup accounts have been suspended from the platform for reportedly violating Internet guidelines.

Describing herself a girl who “pretends to be a cat” on Twitter, she is well known for her bright pink hair, cat ears, branding as a gamer-girl and her cosplay-style shoots. She makes money by selling subscriptions to a NSFW Snapchat, a new Onlyfans and a Patreon with different monthly subscription tiers with varying rewards.

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